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Mosque and Madrasa vandalized and burnt A Mosque, its adjoining Madrasa and the house next to it were burnt after a rumor of cow-meat spread. The Madrasa was and Mosque were vandalized before being set on fire and the holy scriptures present in the premises were also dealt with in the same manner. Thankfully, no one was present inside the places of worship and knowledge, yet the infrastructural and mental damage have been done to an irreparable extent. The adjacent house also got burnt in this process. The whole area became a pot filled with anger and hate after the incident. The Police arrived and dispersed the crowd that assembled and took control of the situation. Heavy security is out on the streets in order to prevent any untoward incident. Many people have already left the area owing to the atmosphere created, fearing for their safety. 16/07/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Harassment Threat Vandalism/Hooliganism
Muslims boycotted in Nizamabad over a land dispute Nizamabad: The Village Development Committee, an unauthorized body, in Balkonda, Nizamabad district, declared a social and commercial boycott of Muslims last week. They decided to levy a heavy penalty on those who maintain any social or commercial relations with the Muslims in the village. The boycott imposed to pressurize Muslim community to give up the claim over the graveyard. The dilemma emerged when some Hindus tried to occupy the burial ground illegally which owes to Muslims after destroying a few graves. Then Muslims lodged a complaint against the invaders and the police took an action against accused. It made them upset and anger. After the boycott declaration, Muslims were facing extreme difficulties in the holy month of Ramazan owing to the ‘unlawful restrictions.’ Access to shops, markets, and public places were denied. Even the Muslim families living for rent in the Hindu owned houses were asked to vacate the property. The committee said that any person who speaks with a Muslim will be penalized with Rs 5000 and if he or she drinks tea at a Muslim owned restaurant the penalty will be Rs. 20,000. Also, if a non-Muslim buys anything from a general store of a Muslim he would be levied with a fine of Rs 20,000. The non-Muslim will also be penalized for traveling in auto-rickshaws driven by Muslims. The local administration and public across India reacted strongly condemning the boycott. The local police which had not acted upon the complaint lodged by the Mosque committee on boycott earlier moved in and registered cases against those who were behind the illegal act. They counselled both groups on Wednesday evening and organised an Iftar party for both at Jama Masjid in Balkonda. Balkonda SI T. Hari said that issues between some families led to the social boycott. “We registered three cases against 30 VDC members and a few others under IPC sections 385, 290 and 506,” he said. 29/05/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Communal tension/Violence/Riot Demolition/Attack on property Denial of access to public spaces/institutions Discrimination in Employment Economic boycott Extra Legal Acquisition/appropriation of land
Muslims forced to migrate in Naya bans Muslims of Naya Bans in Bulandshahr district still live gripped by the fear. The hunting and torturing continue even one year after the Bulandshahr violence. The attacks strengthened after the ultra-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) returned to power and Narendra Modi is all set to become Prime Minister of India for the second consecutive term. At this juncture, where no longer these polarized two communities can live together happily with peace and harmony in the village, Muslims are thinking to leave the area where they were born, grew up and have gained their assets to escape from their attacks. Most of them are shifting to Dasna and Masuri, where they stay paying rent or with their relatives. On the day of result declaration, when the poll result announced, Muslims were irritated while offering prayers at the mosque. More than 250 people marched to Masjid and started bursting firecrackers outside the main gate. later the crowd went to each Muslim houses, started playing DJ music in loud volume and continued for an hour. The hope lost Muslim community has no way other than the migration. But the poor and less-earning Muslims are at risk, they can't migrate to somewhere else due to lack of enough money in their pockets. One of the villagers responded when he asked about forced migration "It depends on their financial condition. Dozens of families have migrated to different cities, but we cannot do this because we do not have money or savings. Yes, if one can give us money for some time, we are ready to shift immediately and will return the money after some time. We want to sell our house, but who will buy?" Muslims freedom of speech, freedom of religion and liberty has completely lost in the village. They are frightened by the Hindutva against raising voice publicly. A villager alleged that he has been threatened by the district administration that he will be charged under the National Security Act (NSA) if he raises any issue from the village before the media. He told NewsClick, "A team of journalists from Reuters had come to our village a few days back to understand the situation after the last year’s incident. I told them what I felt. The very next day, several police officers and the SDM [Sub Divisional Magistrate] came to me and threatened to book me under NSA if I ever discuss anything about the village with anyone. I apologised to them even though I had not lied. Now, I am feeling literally terrorised. We have now decided not to speak up no matter what." 29/05/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Denial of access to public spaces/institutions
Muslims assaulted by a mob during Eid Celebrations Clashes erupted in Dildarnagar area of Asansol, Bengal, during the Eid Celebrations on Wednesday night. The dispute broke out when a drunken mob who were passing through the Masjid, attacked Muslims while they celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr program. Later the drunken assailants started pelting stones, abusing worshippers, setting the fire and vandalizing motorcycles after they came back with more supporters. Several people injured and admitted to the hospital. Police have brought the situation under control and arrested 25 people in connection with the violence. Although the violence has abated, tension continues to prevail in Dildarnagar area. 05/06/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Breaking vehicles Communal tension/Violence/Riot Demolition/Attack on property Physical assault Vandalism/Hooliganism Verbal Abuse
Shelling on Mosque leads to communal tensions Kankinara has been bubbling with communal tensions since the coming to power of MP Arjun Singh after changing hands with the BJP. A mosque was bombed which led to people of the Muslim community coming out on the streets and protesting for arrest of the perpetrator. Kankinara Railway Station was the center of the protest as the people stopped trains and came onto the railway tracks asking for the authorities to look into the matter since they have been silent and no action has been taken. The protest continued for 2 hours during which the trains were disrupted and the department had a hard time managing the travelers. After the protest was over in the Railway Station, RAF had to come and control the events of a nearby area where the Police had been bombed when they came to resolve an issue. Though the Police claim to have the situation under control, the news says otherwise. 16/07/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Communal tension/Violence/Riot Vandalism/Hooliganism
Mosque's constructions stopped without reason A pre-independence mosque's construction was stopped by Police Officer's of the area on the basis of suspicious activity. They claimed that their SHO asked them to do so. The villagers approached the police to know the reason behind stopping the construction of mosque but the police failed to answer their questions. None of the authorities has been supporting the community of the area, being at the lower-level of governance or higher level. No law-makers have taken up this issue nor ha anyone come forward to help the helpless. 20/07/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Harassment Threat
Attack on Christians in Kolhapur,Maharashtra In Kolhapur district of Maharashtra group of 15-20 Person attack at the church during the prayer. At the time of the incidents, there are up to 40 peoples in the church are gathered for offering prayer. A lady in Church throws chilly powder o their faces after which they run. maharashtra police identified 5 peoples with the help of CCTV footage. They attack with Rods, Swords, Glass bottles and also pelting stones on the Church. 23/12/2018 Attack on religious festivals/worship Demolition/Attack on property Physical assault Vandalism/Hooliganism
Muslims arrested for offering afternoon prayer On February 16, Muslims of Talekhan village, Lingsagur Tehsil, Raichur District in Karnataka had gathered for the Jummah namaz in the afternoon when members of RSS barged in and beat up the worshippers and drove them away. Then, the miscreants set fire to the prayer mats, the green flags of the adjacent dargah, wall posters of Kaaba and other materials inside the mosque. They even beat up some of the villagers who tried to stop them and filed a complaint with the police alleging that they were celebrating the Pulwama bomb blast and raised Pro-Pakistan slogans. 16/02/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Communal tension/Violence/Riot Harassment People leaving traditional food habits/Livelihood/Property Physical assault Unlawful Detention Vandalism/Hooliganism
Attack on muslims in Hapur While the whole nation was celebrating the attack on terror camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed some communal people attacked muslims, their houses and mosques in Hapur. Muslim women were harassed and trash was thrown inside the mosque. The imam of the mosque was also assaulted but the police had trivialized the incident and no arrest had been made. 26/02/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Communal tension/Violence/Riot Demolition/Attack on property Harassment Physical assault Sexual Harassment Vandalism/Hooliganism
Parking issue leads to communal clash. A petty quarrel between two persons of different religious identity, leads to the communal clash in hauz qazi area of Delhi. the clash arose after a nearby temple was vandalized by the supporters of Aas Mohammed (the accused) . the altercation began when A fruit seller named Sanjeev Gupta had an argument with Aas Mohammed who had parked his scooter outside his house. the police were called when Aas Mohammed attacked Sanjeev. As Aas was called for questioning, a group demanded his release outside the police station. The group later attacked a temple in the neighbourhood and vandalized statues. 30/06/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Communal tension/Violence/Riot Demolition/Attack on property
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