Muslim women beaten by RSS activist

Jameela, A 65 year old woman was assaulted and allegedly asked to leave the country purportedly by a RSS activist in Kerala, resulting in an injury. The woman was dragged by hair, beaten and abused by an auto rickshaw driver Babu, who has associated with RSS. The incident took place in Thrissur’s Mannuthy on Thursday. “I was threatened by him to leave the country, ” Jameela told media persons. Jameela complained to the police soon after the incident. However, no arrests have been made in the case as of yet. The police officers said that the one who attacked the woman is suffering from mental disorders. “Babu is an active RSS worker. He is mentally stable. Here, the police is facilitating the escape of a criminal from charges by labeling him as a person with mental disorder,” a relative of Jameela told Maktoob.


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