Case Title Informations Date of incident: Select Nature of Violence  
11 year old madrasa student beaten up An eleven years old Madrasa student was brutally assaulted by a group that forced him to chant 'Jai Shri Ram'. The incident took place while the boy was on the way to his Madrasa. The boy sustained serious injuries and was admitted to a nearby hospital. The local residents blocked the traffic at NH 34 and the road was reopened 2 hours later with assurance to arrest the perpetrators. Four were arrested while remaining were absconding. 15/07/2019 Harassment Physical assault Verbal Abuse
Muslim man brutally assaulted after asking name Kalam was travelling by bus towards Samastipur when the bus knocked down a bike and created a commotion. The assembled crowd asked the travelers to get down but Kalam stayed in the bus owing to his luggage being in the trunk of the bus. Some men came into the bus and asked him to get down but upon his refusal, they asked him his name and as soon as he pronounced they jumped on him and bashed him inhumanely. After bashing him, all of the perpetrators ran away thinking he was dead. Someone from the travelers informed his family members about his condition and they arrived at the scene and took him to Kartajpur Medical Hospital. The doctors there asked him to be shifted to Darbhanga Medical College Hospital since his condition was critical. 15/07/2019 Murder/Lynch Physical assault Threat Verbal Abuse
Mosque and Madrasa vandalized and burnt A Mosque, its adjoining Madrasa and the house next to it were burnt after a rumor of cow-meat spread. The Madrasa was and Mosque were vandalized before being set on fire and the holy scriptures present in the premises were also dealt with in the same manner. Thankfully, no one was present inside the places of worship and knowledge, yet the infrastructural and mental damage have been done to an irreparable extent. The adjacent house also got burnt in this process. The whole area became a pot filled with anger and hate after the incident. The Police arrived and dispersed the crowd that assembled and took control of the situation. Heavy security is out on the streets in order to prevent any untoward incident. Many people have already left the area owing to the atmosphere created, fearing for their safety. 16/07/2019 Attack on religious festivals/worship Harassment Threat Vandalism/Hooliganism
Communal clashes over offering Jumma Namaz At least 15 people were injured in a communal clash in Hailakandi district in Assam on 10th May 2019. The local administration imposed a curfew soon after the clash. Three police constables were among those injured. Several shops and motorbikes were also damaged. Prohibitory orders were imposed in Hailakandi town in Assam on Friday following the clash. Of those injured, the condition of three was stated to be critical, officials said, adding more than 15 vehicles were damaged and 12 shops vandalized in different parts of the town. Mohneesh Mishra, Hailakandi’s police chief, told that the clashes began when a group of Muslim men assembled on a public road in front of the old mosque at Marwari Patti and said they will offer prayers on the street. “The other group tried to stop [them] and that led to an argument,” said Mishra, while adding that heavy security had been deployed in the area. "An emergency has arisen, necessitating immediate action to ensure the speedy resumption of public order and tranquility. Therefore, considering the above facts and circumstances, section 144 of the CrPC (has been imposed) along with orders that nobody without a special permit can go about in public or leave their house within the limits of Hailakandi town with effect from 1:00 pm of 10th May 2019," the order signed by District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli read. The youth, who has been identified as 28-year-old Jamir Hussain, was being taken to hospital after he sustained bullet injuries after authorities opened fire during the communal violence in the town. But unfortunately, the youth died on the way to the hospital on Friday. He was a resident of Nayanpur in Hailakandi. 10/05/2019 Communal tension/Violence/Riot
Mob thrashes doctor, says muslim should leave city Muslim pediatrician was thrashed by unidentified men near Ardee City on Friday night. Dr. Nurul, who lives near Wazirabad village in Sector 52, was returning home after purchasing milk for iftar in his vehicle when the incident took place. First, they came after beef, now they don’t need any reason at all. In yet another anti-Muslim hate crime in Gurugram. I work as a pediatrician with a private hospital and at present preparing for DM-Cardiology exam. I was returning after buying milk for Iftar in my Baleno car. Suddenly, two men came in a white Fortuner and started abusing me without any reason. When I told them that they are on the wrong side of the road, they called 8-9 more men who brutally thrashed me with sticks. I tried calling police but due to injuries, I fell unconscious on the roadside. Later, the police reached on spot and rushed me to the Civil Hospital,” Nurul told the police. The 30-year-old doctor has received multiple injuries on his head, eyes, face, and legs. Dr. Nurul said he heard two of them say that he was a Muslim and that the community should leave the city otherwise riots will take place. 11/05/2019 Breaking vehicles Harassment Hate Speech / Slander Physical assault Threat Verbal Abuse
Muslim watchmaker branded as terrorist Riyaz Ahmed, a 45-year-old watchmaker who is selling watches for two decades in the city, accused falsely as terrorists by local news channels has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the police. Riyaz's picture was beamed as a suspect terrorist after a security incident at the city’s Majestic metro station, involving an unidentified person carrying metallic objects, set off an alarm. The man refused to be frisked and left the station after he was refused entry. after seeing his picture through the media, Riyaz himself came forward to the police station and presented in front of the police. the local news channels broadcasted rumours about him as a suspected terrorist with no evidence to back up. later he said to media that “I was projected as a terror suspect. They said I have come to the city to carry out a terrorist attack similar to what happened in Sri Lanka. I am a poor watchmaker with a wife and children to support. This is my country. This is where I was born, and this is where I will die. I never thought I will be branded as a terrorist one day,”. Responding to the case police said that “With no evidence, some media channels marked Riyaz out and said he was also a terror suspect. He has been selling watches in Majestic for over two decades now. We cleared him after a thorough background check,”. Riyaz has filed a complaint against Public TV channel, the local news network which falsely projected him as a ‘terrorist’. City Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar blamed the media for creating an unwarranted fear psychosis among citizens and warned them against reckless rumour mongering. 13/05/2019 Harassment Verbal Abuse
Cattle trader killed by alleged Cow vigilantes Tensions ran high in Jammu and Kashmir’s Chenab valley following the killing of a 50-year-old man in an alleged case of cow vigilantism on Thursday. The incident took place around 2 am when the man along with two others was transporting cattle to their village, Bhadarwah’s Mohalla Qilla, were fired upon. While the two others escaped with minor injuries, Naeem Ahmad Shah (50) was killed on spot after the “vigilantes” fired at them. A video has surfaced showing a group of young men throwing stones at the homes of people of a particular community. The police used tear gas to break up the mob. An official said the mob had attacked a police station and damaged several vehicles on Thursday morning, prompting the administration to seek the army’s help. Internet services have been suspended in the area. Bhaderwah is a communally sensitive town where Muslims have a slender majority. Parvez Ahmad Sheikh, head of the religious body Anjuman-i-Islam Bhaderwah, blamed Sangh parivar outfits for Shah’s death and called for a shutdown on Friday. Mohammad Iqbal Khan, a relative of the victim, said that Nayeem was returning home from Kathua where he had gone to purchase horses when he was fired upon and died instantly. "He traded in horses and sheep and had gone to Kathua only a day before. He was not carrying any animal along when he was shot dead. He was killed by a cow vigilante group and had been harassed even earlier while he had traveled along with a flock of horses and mules," said Khan. An eye-witness, Mohammad Ramzan, said that he woke up to the sound of the gunshots and the cries of people. As soon as he rushed out of his house, he found a man lying in a pool of blood on the roadside. A top official of the district told News18 that no animals were found at the spot of murder. 15/05/2019 Murder/Lynch Physical assault
Pragya Singh Thakur calls Nathuram Godse a patriot BJP’s candidate from Bhopal, Pragya Singh Thakur has called Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse a patriot. She was reported claiming “those calling him a terrorist will be given a befitting reply this election.” Nathuram Godse was a fanatical Hindu activist who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January 1948. Hindu right wing groups like the RSS and Bajrang Dal revere Godse as a revolutionary leader for his act of killing Gandhi, who they consider arch-enemy for what they see as Gandhi’s pro-Muslim leanings. Many BJP leaders, including past cabinet members, have come out in support of Pragya’s remarks. 16/05/2019 Communal tension/Violence/Riot Hate Speech / Slander
Dr. Payal Tadvi; a new victim of hate crime Recently suicided post-graduate student Dr. Payal Tadvi is a new victim of Savarna Hindutva. The 26-year-old junior doctor found dead hanging in her hostel room at BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai on May 22. The thing that led her to the latter ending of her life was the continuing torture, torment, and harassment from three Savarna Hindu seniors. All three seniors hated to share the hostel room with a Muslim lady coming from the Adivasi background. They ragged her when they felt discomfort and indignity in staying with her. It is so sad that those who study all part of human body forgot to study a good soul. Mrs. Vidya Bhushan Rawat calls it a murder, a crime which was not merely of racial hatred but also looked like Islamophobia as she belonged to a tribal community practising the Islamic faith. Payal belonged to the Bhil community which has about 2.7% of people practising Islam around Maharashtra. The total number of Bhils and Gonds in India is nearly 2.8 crore, which is 27% of the total Adivasi population in India. Among the Muslim Tribal communities, 1.32 lakhs live in Jammu and Kashmir and 1.12 lakh hail from Maharashtra where Bhils are the biggest tribal community, where Islam is one of the practising faiths. Dr. Payal was killed by the three seniors becoming a victim of hate crime where her tribal identity practicing Islamic faith might have further aggravated her troubles. Insulting Dalits and Adivasis, humiliating them, compelling them to commit suicide, and attacking them had become a habit of Savarna Hindus. Dr. Payal died of this habit. The atmosphere in these so-called institutions of merit should change because they are so suffocating with Brahmanical arrogance that it kills the students from the Dalit Bahujan Communities. The government should address this issue and deal as prior agenda to win ‘sabka Vishwas’, the trust of all. The three Savarna doctors must be prosecuted with stringent laws so that this becomes an example but we know very well that the government and its officers have never been sincere in following the constitution and implementing the rule of law. Otherwise, Dr. Payal would not have died. Where are the institutional mechanisms to protect SC/ST students? Her death is an institutional killing like that of Rohit Vemula and the BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai cannot give up its accountability in this regard. Why are institutional mechanisms not strong to deal with the discrimination which is rampant in our educational institutions? Why was there no 'committee' which could have acted against these three girls? If there is a committee then what did it do? Who are the members of the committee? Are there SC/ST members in these committees? Can we trust those committees where no member belongs to these communities? 22/05/2019 Denial of access to public spaces/institutions Discrimination in Education Murder/Lynch Verbal Abuse
Mob battered three Muslims on suspicion of beef Three Muslims including a woman was thrashed by self-proclaimed gau rakshaks over rumours of carrying beef in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. The victims allege they were forced to say slogans of ’Jai Shree Ram’ by the accused. 24/05/2019 Harassment Physical assault Threat Verbal Abuse