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Muslim Youth Unlawfully Detained
It has been reported by activists post the Delhi pogrom of 2020 that a large number of Muslim youths have been randomly picked up from the streets and houses for their alleged involvement. Residents have claimed that police has been detaining, close to 5-6 youngsters from every area. They have been coercing them to accept that they committed acts of violence. The victims family members have been mostly frequenting the Dayalpur Police Station. Moreover, it has also been reported that denial of legal access over extended periods is a common feature in all the testimonies.
10/03/2020Unlawful Detention
Muslim women beaten by RSS activist
Jameela, A 65 year old woman was assaulted and allegedly asked to leave the country purportedly by a RSS activist in Kerala, resulting in an injury. The woman was dragged by hair, beaten and abused by an auto rickshaw driver Babu, who has associated with RSS. The incident took place in Thrissur’s Mannuthy on Thursday. “I was threatened by him to leave the country, ” Jameela told media persons. Jameela complained to the police soon after the incident. However, no arrests have been made in the case as of yet. The police officers said that the one who attacked the woman is suffering from mental disorders. “Babu is an active RSS worker. He is mentally stable. Here, the police is facilitating the escape of a criminal from charges by labeling him as a person with mental disorder,” a relative of Jameela told Maktoob.
30/01/2020Harassment Physical assault
Communal Clashes in Khambat
Taking suo motu cognizance of the clashes that broke out between two communities at the Akhbarpura area of Khambhat taluka in Anand district on Sunday afternoon, police Monday filed four separate FIRs booking over 2,000 people under charges of rioting, arson and attempt to murder. The police said that despite making announcements and warning the mob to disperse, the crowd continued to clash and pelt stones at each other, including at the policemen. Over 25 houses, shops and vehicles were burnt. A total of 13 persons were injured but no major injuries were reported. A 62-year-old resident of Akhbarpura, Yusuf Sheikh died of cardiac arrest after his shop in the neighborhood was set on fire, police said. The FIR pertaining to the violence in Akhbarpura identified 33 people as accused, while a mob of over 1,000 unidentified accused have also been booked. The police have also rounded up 46 people so far, but the official figure of the exact number of arrests is yet to be confirmed.
24/02/2020Communal tension/Violence/Riot Demolition/Attack on property People leaving traditional food habits/Livelihood/Property Vandalism/Hooliganism
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